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About this site

Security is complicated. In the real world we make lots of decisions every day about our security that are second nature, from locking or not locking doors, to where we park and walk, to handing our credit card to a clerk. We've developed instincts and rules of thumb that allow us to make good decisions about our security in ways that are not intrusive.

But many of these practices don't transfer well to the Internet. Internet technology is more complicated than what we are used to dealing with, and it changes quickly. Furthermore, our instincts for judging trustworthiness are easily fooled by veneers that are all too simple to construct in the digital world.

This site is dedicated to making security, specifically network security, understandable. The Blog contains a series of articles that provide simple explanations and guidelines for dealing with security on the Internet as well as discussions regarding more complicated issues with a goal of making them comprehensible for the average person.

As with anything, there is no silver bullet. This site aims to educate and to help you make decisions, but no advice or technology can anticipate everything you might run into. The goal here is to improve your judgment, not replace it.

About me

I've worked in networking and network security for the better part of the last twenty years. I currently manage a directorate of about 20 computer security professionals at a major supercomputing center. Whenever I tell people my line of work, I inevitably get questions about how to secure oneself on the Internet.

I've always enjoyed taking complicated subjects and making them understandable to the average person. Security seems like a subject that confuses and intimidates many people, so I started this site to offer practical advice that will begin to "unwrap" the mystery.

OK, enough preamble, where's the good stuff?

One click away, on the Blog.

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